Monday, December 17, 2012

All of this for only Twelve Dollars!

Whew....what a weekend we had. This past weekend was the annual Christmas sports card show in Raleigh, NC at the state fairgrounds. I have to give props to Wes Starkey for all the hard work he does in getting the shows to run smoothly with Inside Pitch Promotions. It was a slow show money wise but it was a great show to find deals.

Which brings me to reason for this post. I wanted to show off a few of my pick ups from the weekend. =)

First off is a 2012 Topps Chrome 1984 Andrew Luck, a 2010 Topps Magic Tim Tebow RC, and another card I was missing of Drew Bledsoe, a 1998 Pinnacle Epic Showdown card..

Next up is a 2012 Press Pass Showcase Masterpieces Fire suit/Sheet Metal card of Tony Stewart numbered 24/99. Also, we have the 2011 Wheels Main Event Marks of Kasey Kahne 20/50.

I also picked up a nice relic card of Mark Ingram from the 2011 Absolute Memorabilia set numbered 11/50.

 I don't even know if Sean May is still in the NBA but I've always pulled for the home team. This autographed Topps Finest rookie card was a welcome addition to my collection for the cost of a buck. It was serial numbered 141/169.

Ok..this is going on longer than I thought it would. To wrap up the show and tell, here are two great cards I picked up on Listia for credits of Mo Vaughn and John Elway. The Elway is numbered 13/35. Finally, I have an Elway jersey card. =)

The cool part of it all is that I got all of these great cards for only $12! Until the next blog rolls around, 'Excelsior'!

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